How much time left?
Are we in the final years?
What’s happening to the world?

If these burning questions are testing your faith, your knowledge or your walk.

Then you’re seeking more depth than you’re currently at

What is “Kehillah ha’Derech / הקהילה, הדרך”

What is “Messianic Judaism / יהדות משיחית ”

Take the regular Jewish way of life

Take a very Jewish Messiah

Take “the way” of Yeshua back to the 1st century

Back when the faithful ones of Messiah walked the same way He walked

Back when the faithful ones of Messiah kept the same customs He kept

Back before there was christianity as we know it today

Back when Jewish believers went out & told the world that the door to the kingdom was open

Messiah Yeshua upheld the 4th commandment of Sabbath

Messiah Yeshua upheld the festivals such as Passover & Shavuot

Messiah Yeshua ate only kosher

Messiah Yeshua avoided the roman holidays such as xmas & easter

Messiah Yeshua lived a regular Jewish life

Messianic Judaism combines the regular Jewish life such as Shabbat, Festivals, Customs & Kosher plus faith in Yeshua as Messiah whom came 1st as Mashiach ben Yosef 1995yr ago & is set to return as Mashiach ben David in under 10yr.

Where will you stand in His kingdom..?

Will you be guests at the wedding, the many

Will you be the bridesmaids, the few

Or will you be the bride, the chosen

Millions of Egyptians saved by Yosef

Tens of family saved by Yosef

One blessed 5x above his brothers

Millions of Israelites saved by Moshe

Tens of the tribes invited onto the mountain

One blessed to go into the cloud

Is there an end-of-time scenario we can see

Is there an emerging pattern to be found

If your one of the Lost sheep of the House of Israel

If you want to know more

If you want to walk as Yeshua walked

If you want to learn the differences between the christian jesus & the Jewish Yeshua

Time grows shorter every day……………….