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Rosh Kehillah in magic moment

On a recent visit to Eretz kadosh, Kehillat haDerech "Rosh Kehillah" was witness to something quite extraordinary when he turned out to be the only one attending the Kotel. Normally day time visitors to ha'Kotel are in the hundreds, even on Shabbat. The JAN sky was grey that day & the drizzle was scattered. To find yourself the only one present was truly a surreal moment that had to be captured in order to prove it. "It felt like the God of Israel gave me his un-interrupted attention as I prayed"

Hachnasat Sefer Torah / הכנסת ספר תורה

On the 18th Adar (14-MAR) Kehillat haDerech welcomed their new Sefer Torah purchased from a Messianic believer in Haifa, Israel on a recent trip. The Kedusha of this Sefer Torah was welcomed with friends & family bringing much joy into the day & honour to the Messianic Judaism believers of Sydney but most importantly. This brought the most honour (kevod) to Avinu Sh'ba'Shamayim where He can now establish His name & the name of His Mashiach Yeshua tzidchanu in this great city. All for the glory of the God of Avraham

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