We believe (Christian):

Mission Objectives of Kehillah ha’Derech l’Moshiheinu / קְהִלָה הדרך למושיענו – “The way to our Saviour” (Sydney) 

– Empowering you to walk as Yeshua ha’Notsri (Jesus the Nazarene) walked (1John 2:6. 1Peter 2:21) by educating you about the Bible and the Jewish Way ({1Kings 8:1. 2Chronicles 5:2.} Isaiah 46:13; 62:11. John 4:22).about the Biblical Hebrew Way

– Encourage you to rely on our head rabbi/teacher Yeshua and the Ruach Ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit) check/test all things with the Bible (Acts 17:11. 1Thessalonians 5:21).


Do not believe what we say, use the Bible to test everything (Luke 24:44-45 | Acts 17:10-12 | Romans 15:3-4 | 1Thessalonians 5:21 | 2Timothy 3:15-17 | 2Peter 1:19-21)”

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We Believe (Jewish):

Kehillah ha’Derech l’Moshiheinu / קְהִלָה הדרך למושיענו – “the Way to our Saviour” (Sydney)

Congregation began its 1st shacharit service on 21st JAN 2017 (23 Tevet 5777) in Sydney, with Parashat – Shemot. Yeshua ha’Notsri (Jesus the Nazarene), ha’Mashiach (the Messiah) never came to abolish derech ha’Torah of Moshe (Written Law of Moses) but to teach it correctly. (Deuteronomy 13; 18:15-22. Matthew 5:17-20; 7:21-23. John 5:39-47)

Modern Judaism

Uphold the derech ha’Torah of Moshe Rebbeinu – One witness / Ed-echad / עד אחד

But reject the redemption of Yeshua ha’Notsri.

Modern Christianity

Reject the Written Law of Moses, son of Amram.

But uphold the redemption of Jesus the Nazarene – One witness / Ed-echad / עד אחד

Netzarim (Messianic) Judaism

– Uphold the Written Torah of Moshe Rebbeinu (1st witness) and Redemption of Yeshua ha’Notsri (2nd witness). It began with the original students (Talmiddim) of Yeshua and the authors of the Re-New-ed Testament, who walked as Yeshua walked (1John 2:1-6) according to the Written Torah (Matthew 23:1-12) and even many aspects of the Oral Torah / Torah she’be’al peh / תורה שבעל פה‎ E.g. Pesach Seder, Tzitzit.

– The Netzarim sect of Judaism walked side by side with their Jewish brothers until the Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132-135 AD, after this point they were rejected outright by their Jewish brothers as well as hated/harassed and killed by Romans just for being Jews. By the 4th Century AD, with the rise of Roman Catholicism as the officially sanctioned “first rank” religion of the Roman Empire, the Netzarim disappeared from history / died out.

– However just as Yeshua ha’Notsri died and was resurrected as Mashiach ben Yosef (Messiah the Son of Joseph) the suffering servant, so must His bride Israel die and be resurrected/restored.

– Since the partial restoration of the House of Judah to the political state of Israel in 1948 AD, thousands of Jews are recognizing that Yeshua ha’Notsri is the Jewish Mashiach at the great cost of family and friends, as they are expelled from their own communities.

– Since the 2000s, thousands of Christians are recognizing that Jesus the Nazarene upheld the Written Torah at the great cost of their ministries, as they too are expelled from their own churches. Just as Yeshua prophesied in Matthew 10:34-36 and Luke 12:51-53.

– The Way (ha’Derech) of the first generation believers of the 1st Century AD, has now been resurrected at the last generation (ISA 46:10) for that Yeshua’s true believers can prepare for His 2nd Coming as Mashiach ben David (Messiah the Son of David) the conquering king. Just as Yeshua prophesied: “many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first”. (Matthew 19:30; 20:16. Mark 10:31. Luke 13:30. 2Peter 3. Hosea 4:6. Malachi 4:4)

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